Train at home no fancy gym equipment needed

Train at home no fancy gym equipment needed


Build Muscle , Power, Strength and Conditioning that will carry over
in the sports field or everyday life. Make great gains all on a low
budget routine.

What does this book contain:

1. How to make your own affordable sandbags

2. A one year program of all the workouts I tried to get me in great shape

3. A sample of how I eat

4. My supplements review

5. A periodic program which makes sure you improve every month

6. Color photos illustrating the exercises

7. Food Journal Log

8. Notes section

9 Workout Log section

10. Video Of My Warm up

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?

A. I have 30 years of training experience ranging from and competing
in bodybuilding ,Thai KickBoxing and Brazilian Juijitsu . I do not
have great genetics so I have come up with a great program for anyone to excel in.

Q. Why Should I follow your program?

A. I’m passionate about working out, I want people to reach their
goals and I know that I can help you. I have been there and I know how frustrating it is not to make gains, I want you to learn from my

Q. What will I get from this program?

A. If you follow this program you will get stronger and be in better
condition than you have ever been for any sport season or time in
your life.

Q. I don’t have Kettlebells. Can I still follow this program?

A. You do not need to buy Kettlebells. I was lucky enough to have them when I started the program. You can use dumbbells and barbells if you have them and don’t want to buy any equipment.

Q. Do you guarantee results?

A. No. I can’t promise you results because in order for you to get
results in this program you have to work hard , eat right, sleep and
recover well. If you do not do all of this you will not make progress.

Q. Did you do all these workouts?

A. Yes. I currently  have numerous workouts on my youtube channel and below you will see one of the workouts that is in the program.

Q. Why did you create this program? There are tons of programs out there.

A. I created this program out of pure necessity. I had just gotten
separated and had little to no funds or equipment. I had also entered
the Juggernaut challenge and I wanted to win. I am a regular guy I am
not genetically gifted but with hard work and smart training I was
able to get great results. I think there are millions out there who don’t train because they think they need a fancy gym or that they don’t have the genetics to get a good build.

Q. Who is this program for?

A. This program works for anyone from Athletes , Moms and Dads, anyone that wants to improve their physical shape and performance.

Q. Are the workouts too hard for me?

A. The workouts are hard but you need to start at your level of
strength and rest as needed. As you get stronger and in better shape
you will be able to progress.

Q. Is the workout too easy for me?

A. If you are a stronger, bigger and more conditioned person you will
need to make heavier sandbags and use heavier kettlebells. If your
conditioning is better cut the rest periods, there are always ways to
make the program more challenging.

Below is an demo of one the workouts of the day from the book.

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