Who am I

Hi, my name is John Cintron and Cintron Athletic Training LLC is the name of my Company.

I am a certified personal trainer under the International Sports Science Association. I have competed in bodybuilding at the 1988 Natural Teen MR. New York. I have also competed in several NAGA tournaments. I have practiced Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu. I have been training since I was 13 years old.

I am sure you are wondering what makes me different from any personal trainer out there. Well, for one I used to be like everyone else working out hard and following the colorful magazines. I barely made any gains. It took a long time for me to stop following routines that were not meant for natural athletes. Apart from this, I have trained with just about every piece of equipment that is out there.

I have found that if you combined Barbells, Dumbbells and Body Weight exercises and used them as your primary tools it will make you a strong and powerful athlete, bodybuilder or just get you in great shape. I can create programs catered to your needs as well as diets by putting together a program that will give you results without wasting time and money or spending numerous hours a week in the gym. You will have time to train and have spare time afterwards for your family.

I care about your achievements because when you achieve so do I. So, if you are tired of not making gains and spending long hours in the gym with little or no results and throwing money away every month/year then it’s time to train with me. I think my photos are proof that I know what I am doing!

Before  After