Building Muscle With IF Fasting

Intermittent Fasting has worked very well in getting me into shape. One of the things that I have been able to do is hold on to as much muscle while dropping bodyfat. Today I will go through my a regular week of eating and supplementing when I use IF Fasting.

Monday- Friday

7:AM- Black Coffee  and water

12:00PM- First meal of the day Protein none to little carbohydrates

2:00PM – 2 scoops of Branch Chained Amino Acids with Creatine( keeps hunger pangs at bay and prevents muscle breakdown)

4:00PM Train

Post Workout meal- Protein ( Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Or Pork) with Sweet Potatoes and lots of water

7-8 PM – If Still Hungry maybe some more protein no carbs at all I usually have several scoops of Peanut Butter

9:00PM- No More food

Before Bed- ZMA supplement

This is a typical training week usually on Saturday I have a cheat day and No training session this does two things it lets me be normal and it helps keep my Leptin levels working. When your body is eating lower calories or good food your leptin hormone will stop working and you will stop  making gains. So the cheat meal tricks your body into working because when you have that cheat day your calories go way up.

Post Cheat Day

What I do post cheat day is that I fast a little longer usually up to 3PM but stop eating at 9PM I do go back to eating good food. This will get my body ready for Monday to start the program all over again.

If you are looking to get into great shape and are looking to make a transformation then I would skip the cheat meal days for up to 6-12 weeks. The longest I have gone eating strict is 13 weeks and my body would not budge from there. So I finally had a huge cheat day of Pizza, Ice Cream and Cake.


The following are the only supplemtents I take because they have worked on me.

1. Branch Chained Amino Acids

2. Creatine

3. ZMA

Brands I have used  Infinate Labs, Muscle Pharm and Twinlab

Liquids:  Black Coffee, Water

Foods To Avoid: Bread, Pasta, Rice And Fruits

Below is a video I did talking about how I use the program its more detailed than this article. If you want to know more about my training or diet go to the link below and get my e-book Back Yard Muscle for $7

Progress Over Time

When I first started my sandbag training three years ago. Even though I had a  previous strength training back ground , I respected the sandbag training so much that I started with only two bags one weighing 60 pounds while the other weighed 80 pounds. I did not use these starting weights because I was weak but because  the sandbag is a different tool than the barbell.  Every time you pick up the sandbag it moves making every repitition different and more difficult. Over time my progress and strength has improved to the point that I am using double the amount of weight than when I started. My goal is to use a 200 pound sandbag. I am very close to this goal  and as I get closer to it I want to surpass this goal. The main thing is not to give up because your body will adapt and get stronger over time. On the first video below  I am using a 150 pound sandbag I was able to get 19 reps. In my second video I am using a sandbag that weighs between 170-180 pounds and I was able to get 37 reps in 17 minutes. Anyone  that wants an unedited copy please email me at I will be charging for shipping cost though. Eating clean and taking deload weeks consistently going forward even in stressfull times has given me some very nice gains. Sometimes the gains stop but with consistant effort ,proper rest,nutrition and proper programming the gains will come.

Back Yard Muscle E-Book

Build Muscle , Power, Strength and Conditioning that will carry over
in the sports field or everyday life. Make great gains all on a low
budget routine.

What does this book contain:

1. How to make your own affordable sandbags

2. A one year program of all the workouts I tried to get me in great shape

3. A sample of how I eat

4. My supplements review

5. A periodic program which makes sure you improve every month

6. Color photos illustrating the exercises

7. Food Journal Log

8. Notes section

9 Workout Log section

10. Video Of My Warm up

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?

A. I have 30 years of training experience ranging from and competing
in bodybuilding ,Thai KickBoxing and Brazilian Juijitsu . I do not
have great genetics so I have come up with a great program for anyone to excel in.

Q. Why Should I follow your program?

A. I’m passionate about working out, I want people to reach their
goals and I know that I can help you. I have been there and I know how frustrating it is not to make gains, I want you to learn from my

Q. What will I get from this program?

A. If you follow this program you will get stronger and be in better
condition than you have ever been for any sport season or time in
your life.

Q. I don’t have Kettlebells. Can I still follow this program?

A. You do not need to buy Kettlebells. I was lucky enough to have them when I started the program. You can use dumbbells and barbells if you have them and don’t want to buy any equipment.

Q. Do you guarantee results?

A. No. I can’t promise you results because in order for you to get
results in this program you have to work hard , eat right, sleep and
recover well. If you do not do all of this you will not make progress.

Q. Did you do all these workouts?

A. Yes. I currently have numerous workouts on my youtube channel and below you will see one of the workouts that is in the program.

Q. Why did you create this program? There are tons of programs out there.

A. I created this program out of pure necessity. I had just gotten
separated and had little to no funds or equipment. I had also entered
the Juggernaut challenge and I wanted to win. I am a regular guy I am
not genetically gifted but with hard work and smart training I was
able to get great results. I think there are millions out there who don’t train because they think they need a fancy gym or that they don’t have the genetics to get a good build.

Q. Who is this program for?

A. This program works for anyone from Athletes , Moms and Dads, anyone that wants to improve their physical shape and performance.

Q. Are the workouts too hard for me?

A. The workouts are hard but you need to start at your level of
strength and rest as needed. As you get stronger and in better shape
you will be able to progress.

Q. Is the workout too easy for me?

A. If you are a stronger, bigger and more conditioned person you will
need to make heavier sandbags and use heavier kettlebells. If your
conditioning is better cut the rest periods, there are always ways to
make the program more challenging.

Nutrition Before Supplements


Nutrition Article

I see it all the time, men and women wandering in supplement stores looking for a magic pill to lose weight or build muscle. Often being frustrated wondering why the magic supplement did not work. I was there once as well. Now some supplements work but not all of them do and not for everyone. Some are also to be taken at different parts during a training program. But if you are not eating properly you won’t be able to tell what is working. The first thing you need to understand is that the proper food is what is going to help you build muscle and improve performance and it’s not (McDonald’s, Pizza, Wendy’s or whatever fast food place is popular these days). It’s the eggs, steak, turkey, chicken, green vegetables and non-starchy carbs with limited fruit (to be eaten only on an empty stomach without any other food)  like berries that are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C that will help build and repair the body. Good fats (extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil) or in the form of nuts and seeds as well. Let’s not forget how important water is,  it is crucial for helping the body get rid of toxins and helping you get rid of fats. If you need flavor in water add some fresh limes or lemon in it as it helps clean out your liver and build the immune system. Do not drink vitamin water or any other fake or processed product. If you feel dehydrated after a workout have some coconut water to replace electrolytes. This is usually good during hot summer workouts. If you like to know how I eat and train go to the link below and get my E-BOOK Building A Power Athlete On Sale Now!!! Check Out The Video As Well.

Cheap Muscle Building Tool


Sandbag Is A great Tool

I wondered what I would do with no barbell. YES I was using kettlebells and bodyweights for my training but I wanted a Barbell to do the compound lifts like Press, Squat and Deadlift. But I did not have the funds to buy iron. So after much thinking I decided on the sandbag. Now, I’m not talking about those fancy bags with handles or the ones sport equipment companies are making. I am talking about going to the Army/Navy store, getting military bags and filling them up. You can use sand, gravel, wood pellets , rubber mulch or make a hybrid of rubber mulch and sand. 
I decided to use rubber mulch as it’s  less messy and it stacks up higher than sand. 50 pounds sand and 50 pounds rubber mulch look different. The cost of rubber mulch is best during warm weather I bought 5 bags for $10. 
1. Picking a starting weight is important I started at a 60 and 80 pound bags as this is a serious strength object each repetition changes as the bag moves. I slowly built myself up to using an 80 and 100 pound bag over time. I currently have a 100, 150 and 180 pound bags at home. Again the progression has been slowly over time.
2. You can use the sandbag for strength. I used it as a 5×5 workout in strength. Another way I use it in is on every minute on the minute type workout. Trying to increase reps or sandbag weight over time.
3. You can also combine with kettlebells and bodyweights to do power endurance type workouts like density training, ladder sets and as many reps possible in given time frame.
4. The sandbag works great for carrying medleys that build a lot of muscle and core strength.
By using the list provided above you will build a lot of functional muscle and birn fat. But you will also improve your performance on the field and in the weight room when you go back to the barbell.
You don’t need fancy equipment to get good results but you do have to work hard. I created a one year training program where I used only sandbags, kettlebells and bodyweights. I not only got myself into great shape but I also proved to many doubters it can be done.
Go to the link below to pick up my new released book.

What’s My Secret

I was asked by three people on the internet what is my secret . In this article I will list the things I did in my latest transformation.
1. Define your goal : Mine is to be a power athlete and that to me means the power of a powerlifter or strongman, the endurance of a wrestler, the movements of a gymnast and the flexibility and suppleness.
of a yogi
2. Train for performance and not looks, diet is what gives you the body if you feed it correctly.
3. Instead of wondering what the best piece of equipment is, look at everything as a tool not the pros and cons of one piece against others.
4. In my current transformation I used sandbags, bands, body weight, gymnastics and yoga
5. I use intermittent fasting to build muscle and drop fat.
6. In the past I would have a cheat day once a week but as of writing this I’m on week number 8 of eating 100% clean, more on this later.
7. I increased my water intake as I did not think I was drinking enough water in the past and this helped me flush out toxins and fat.
8. My high protein low carb homemade bar helped me keep as much muscle mass as possible.
9. Have a workout plan, it doesn’t matter where or what type of workout I am going to do I have a workout plan so I am not regressing. Even when I play with the gymnastics I still have a plan.
10. Creatine, BCAA and ZMA where my staple supplements, unfortunately half way through I ran out of BCAA I think as a result it cost me a couple more pounds of muscle and caused DOMS to set in.
11. The main staples in my diet where turkey and chicken legs while sweet potatoes were my chief source of carbohydrates.
12.Hard work, I have big goals for myself and lots of people to prove wrong. My hard work and determination drive me and make for a win-win combination to get the best results.
13.Enjoy it! If you don’t enjoy your training, why bother? I love playing in the park working on things I need to improve. For example Muscle Ups , Planche Pushups, Handstands and Levers are all difficult but fun to try.
And these are some things I will look at that may improve my current program and make it more effective:
1. I should have had a cheat day one day every 3 weeks to keep Leptin levels from shutting down the fat burning process
2. I ran out of BCAA and may have broken some muscle in the process so I need to have plenty in stock.
3. I didn’t do a sodium load and depletion but I probably should have taken three zero carb days while gradually lowering water intake then carb load and continue to lower my water intake to see if I peaked.
I will be working on these things as I reach for my goal of 170 pounds at 3-5 % body fat. I know this is not a weight to be at all the time but I must first get there before I can hold back and be at a more comfortable size.
Below Is A video teaser of some of the training I do.

Cual es mi secreto

Tres personas en internet me han hecho esta pregunta ultimamente y en este articulo hare una lista de las cosas que hice para mi ultima transformacion:
1. Define tu meta : la mia es ser un atleta poderoso, y eso para mi abarca el poder de un levantador de pesas, la resistencia de un luchador, los movimientos de un gimnasta y la flexibilidad y agilidad de un yogui
2. Entrena para mejorar tu rendimiento no solo por apariencia. La dieta correcta te dara el cuerpo y los musculos si alimentas tu cuerpo adecuadamente.
3. En vez de preguntarse cual sera el mejor equipo para ejercitar, debemos ver todo como una herramienta evitando comparar si este sera mejor que el otro
4. Para mi transformacion actual use sacos de arena, bandas de resistencia, gimnasia y yoga.
5. Use el “Ayuno Intermitente” para quemar grasa e incrementar la masa muscular.
6. Anteriormente me tomaba un dia a la semana de “trampa” para comer todo lo que se me antojaba, actualmente estoy en la semana numero 8 de una dieta completamente limpia y sana, pronto hablare mas de este tema.
7. Incremente considerablemente la cantidad de agua que bebo ya que considere que anteriormente no estaba tomando lo suficiente, esto me ayudo a expulsar toxinas y mantenerme hidratado.

8. Mis barras con alto contenido de proteina y bajas en carbohidratos hechas en casa me ayudaron a mantener tanto musculo como es posible.
9.Ten una rutina o plan de ejercicios, no importa que tipo de ejercicio o donde lo voy a hacer, siempre tengo un plan para no perder la concentracion, aun cuando estoy mas bien jugando con la gimnasia tambien tengo un plan bien definido.
10. Creatina, BCAA (aminoacidos de cadena ramificada) and ZMA fueron mis suplementos de rigor, desafortunadamente a la mitad de mi entrenamiento me termine el BCAA (Aminoacidos de Cadena Ramificada) y pienso que esto me causo Dolor Muscular de Inicio Tardio (DOMS por sus siglas en ingles)y quizas tambien fue la causa de que no ganara un par de libras mas de musculo.
11. Mi dieta consistio en pollo, pavo y camotes como mi principal fuente de carbohidratos.
12. Trabajo duro, tengo grandes metas y muchas personas a las que probarles que estan equivocadas. Mi dedicacion, determinacion y trabajo duro se convierten en una combinacion de factores que hacen que obtenga los mejores resultados.
13. Disfrutalo, si no disfrutas entrenar ni para que molestarte haciendo ejercicio, me encanta jugar en el parque y trabajar en cosas en las que me falta mas experiencia como por ejemplo las dominadas, flexiones de plancha, palancas y pararme de manos son dificiles de dominar pero me divierto practicandolas.

Adicionalmente, hay un par de cosas que tendre que revisar e implementar para hacer el presente programa de entrenamiento aun mas efectivo.
1. Debi haber tenido un dia de trampa cada tercer semana para mantener la Leptina al nivel optimo para no entorpecer o parar el proceso de quemar grasa
2. Se me termino el BCAA (aminoacidos de cadena ramificada) y quizas perdi un poco de masa muscular en el proceso, que pude haber mantenido, asi que me asegurare de tener suficiente a la mano cuando este entrenando.
3.En vez de no hacer una sobrecarga y descarga de sodio, debi haber hecho 3 dias de recorte de carbohidratos y limitar gradualmente el consumo de agua para despues hacer una sobrecarga de carbohidratos continuando con un menor consumo de agua. Estare trabajando en estos puntos para cumplir mi meta de llegar a 170 libras con un porcentaje de grasa corporal de 3-5% . Se que no podre mantener este peso indefinidamente pero primero debo llegar a esa meta antes de detenerme en un peso y tamaño mas comfortables

Construyendo Musculos con Lifeline USA

Cuando decidi competir en el concurso Dymatize 100K Transfomation Challenge (Desafio de Transformacion 100k de Dymatize) hubo varias personas que se preguntaron si estaria loco por competir en un concurso e intentar ganar masa muscular utilizando cables de resistencia y una llanta “Power Wheel”, pero yo confie al 100% que podia lograrlo porque estaria usando los mismos principios, solo mis herramientas serian diferentes. Cual seria mi sorpresa cuando despues de 12 semanas me di cuenta que habia aumentado 1 pulgada en piernas, media pulgada en pantorrillas y cuello y ¼ de pulgada en los biceps a la vez que perdi 1 pulgada de mi cinturR. Como si esto fuera poco tambien desaparecio el dolor en las coyonturas utilizando los productos de LIFELINE USA y el programa de Yoga Eischen’s junto con el expansor de pecho para mejorar mi flexibilidad y movilidad. De hecho, tambien aumento mi fuerza ya que el otro dia pude levantar sin ningun problema mi saco de arena de 150 libras que no habia usado en meses desde el invierno, me lleve tremenda sorpresa cuando pude levantar el saco que me habia sido tan dificil levantar hace unos meses. En los proximos meses voy a combinar exclusivamente el levantamiento de sacos de arena, los productos de Lifeline USA y ejercicios de peso corporal para incrementar aun mas mi fuerza y masa muscular.

Efectos Secundarios De Usando Los Productos De Lifeline USA

Debido al interminable invierno, este ultimo año me vi forzado a entrenar
dentro de mi casa. Me habia inscrito en el concurso Dymatize 100K
transformation challenge (Desafio de Transformacion Dymatize 100k) y
finalmente me decidi a utilizar los productos de la compañia Lifeline USA
ya que sus productos no son solamente portatiles sino bastante economicos
tambien. Escogi cuidadosamente los siguientens productos: El DVD de Yoga
Eschiens, el Expansor de torso (chest expander) 3 cables de diferentes
resistencias (TNT Cables) Power jumper para mejorar mis saltos con
Resistencia, y el power wheel para fortalecer todo el cuerpo y en especial
el nùcleo. Estas no son herramientas ordinarias como las mancuernas o
pesas para ejercitar ciertos musculos aislados, de hecho me impresiono
bastante la cantidad de musculature que obtuve en solo 12 semanas de
entrenamiento con este equipo a la vez que mantuve e incluso incremente mi
fuerza y poder. Entrene con cables de Resistencia en un rango desde 30
libras el mas bajo hasta 180 libras de Resistencia el mas alto y mis
articulaciones estan mucho major ya que no estaban bajo el estres de
levanter peso y por el yoga que tambien combine en mi rutina de
entrenamiento diario tambien utilize el expansor de torax para aumentar la
movilidad en el area del pecho, pero creo que nada me causo mayor impresion
que cuando de nuevo empeze a entrenar con los sacos de arena que yo mismo
hize la semana pasada, hize un saco que pesa 150 libras y otro de 110
libras y pude hacer repeticiones continuas de levantamiento con el saco de
150 libras. El unico entrenamiento que estuve practicando los meses pasados
fue con el equipo Lifeline USA que mencione anteriormente y ahora con el
verano tan proximo podre combinar mi levantamiento de saco con los cables
de Resistencia de Lifeline y estoy seguro que continuare obteniendo mucho
mejores resultados y alzancare nuevas metas mas altas en mi resistencia y
mi entrenamiento. Abajo esta un video con una muestra de los ejercicios de
levantamiento de saco con el saco de 150 libras y otros videos utilizando
el equipo de Lifeline USA, tambien lleve una dieta 90 vegetariana, pero
este tema es tan extenso que merece su propio articulo proximamente. Si le gustaria saber mas o comprar los productos de Lifeline USA miren la bandera abajo.

The Side Effects Of Training With Lifeline USA Products

Due to a horrible winter this past year I was forced to train indoors. I had just entered the Dymatize 100K transformation challenge and wanted to put on some functional muscle. I finally decided to use Lifeline USA products due to the products being not only affordable but portable. I wisely chose which would be the best products for me to use and I picked Eschiens yoga dvd, Chest Expander, 3 pair of  TNT cables , Power Jumper and Power Wheel. These are no ordinary tools for muscle building like barbells and dumbbells. I was in shock with the amount of muscle I was able to put on in 12 weeks while keeping my strength and endurance. My resistance ranged from as low as a 30lb cable to 180 pounds of resistance cable. My joints also felt great from following the yoga and using the chest expander for mobility work. But I don’t think anything surprised me more than when I went back to the sandbags this past week. I had to redo my sandbags because they had some defects I made a 110 pound bag and 150 pound bag. This past MondayI was able to do continuous reps with the 150 sandbag with clean and jerk. The only form of training I had been doing was using Lifeline USA for these past months. Now with summer coming I will combine my sandbag training with body weights and Lifeline USA. I am sure I will raise my performance level to new heights. Below is  a clip of my clean and jerk with the 150 pound sandbag along with previous videos of me using the Lifeline USA Products. I also followed a 90% plant based diet.  This topic is so extensive it deserves its own article. To learn more or purchase lifeline USA products go to the link below.